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Dr. KattyWhompus Unleashes New Bass Anthem “Whip It”



Dr. KattyWhompus has just unveiled his latest bass masterpiece, “Whip It.” Renowned for his exceptional skills in sound design, DJing, and multi-instrumental performance, Dr. KattyWhompus maintains an air of mystery by keeping his identity hidden, allowing his music to take the center stage. His illustrious resume boasts performances at Burning Man and various San Francisco clubs, where he specializes in dirty bass music that spans from mid-tempo to drum & bass.

The concept for “Whip It” emerged from a collaboration with director Andrea Tseng, and seamlessly blends visual narratives with powerful bass music. The track is constructed with a slew of authentic sound designed effects and inventive imagery, adding elements of surprise and entertainment. The music video is set to premiere on August 11th at the Enchanted Loft in LA, and promises a visually stunning experience for listeners and attendees. This release solidifies his reputation as a top-tier artist in the electronic music scene and listeners should keep their ears open for more to come from the rising artist.