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Cynthia Laclé Releases “Broken Dreams”



Dutch native Cynthia Laclé is steadily working on her way to the top. With her newest Techno production, “Broken Dreams”, she is unleashing her driving sound and hard-hitting energy once more. With a creative momentum that continues to propel her to thrilling sonic territories, discovering new ways to express her inspirations and elevate the sound of her productions. With this new track, Cynthia Laclé showcases her evolution and growth, offering a high-quality mix that is as driving in energy as it is in intense sound.

As the thumping beat opens the track, invigorating “Broken Dreams” with high-octane vibes, Cynthia Laclé layers in melodic riffs and shuffled rhythms, with the punchy vocal hook quickly joining to introduce even more energy. With the intensity kept high throughout, only building through the tension-building breakdown of pulsating synths, mighty-sounding low end, and staggering details, the track delivers a stimulating listening experience, continuing to heighten the energy as the bold lead and lively elements keep driving the track forward.

A sonic journey not to be missed for fans of Cynthia Laclé and high-energy Techno, “Broken Dreams” no doubt exemplifies Cynthia Laclé’s compelling style, showcasing her skillset when it comes to creating engaging listens.So, make sure to stay up to date with Cynthia Laclé as she continues to cement herself as a rising star on the scene, following her across social media to remain in the know about her upcoming releases, projects, and performances. “Broken Dreams” is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.