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Charlotte de Witte Unveils New Single “Roar”



Techno’s undisputed titan, Charlotte de Witte unveils her next high-octane, boundary obliterating new single that signals the next evolution of the wildly successful 2023 Overdrive Campaign and tour – “Roar.” With “Roar” she sets a powerful precedent for its corresponding campaign as de Witte continues to build on the momentum of a massive 2023. It sees Charlotte set the stage for what promises to be de Witte’s most epic year yet and arrives tandem with her Coachella performances on Saturday, April 13 and April 20th.

“Roar stands for power, action, adrenaline and a sense of letting go. There is a certain energy that is unleashed every time I play this track. “Roar” quickly became one of the highlights of my sets, and I’m very excited to release it.” – Charlotte de Witte

A thunderous rallying cry, “Roar” offers a symphonic emulation of the exhilarating, heart pounding rush at the intersection of breakneck speed and unbridled adrenaline. “Roar” delivers a sonic surge that ignites the senses through its relentless tempo, driving beats and infectious hooks. Propelling listeners into a captivating listening experience that is as intense as it is enthralling, this fierce masterpiece demonstrates de Witte’s masterful ability to blend genres with a visceral energy that commands attention the ardent catalyst in her meteoric rise from Belgium’s underground to global phenomenon status. “Roar” is out now on all streaming platforms.