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barnacle boi Unveils New Single “Love Hotel”



barnacle boi has made tremendous strides within his career, putting forth a slew of strong releases since his emergence. Now the young artist makes a monumental entrance with his latest auditory masterpiece, “Love Hotel,” which is a single built with an array of sonic elements that listeners will instantly get hooked to. The track is meticulously woven with a range of haunting vibes and avant-garde nuances, sonically marking his debut on Records. The single not only stands as a testament to barnacle boi’s, aka Ian Oliver’s, distinct sound in the ‘wave’ genre but also acts as a teaser to his eagerly anticipated INTROSPECT EP.

“Love Hotel” is an musical odyssey and is built with catchy vocals and a symphony of meticulously crafted percussion, pulsating bass, and infused with a sonic twist that is signature to barnacle boi’s sound. Every pulse and rhythm seems to transport listeners into a different realm and is a showcase of barnacle boi’s unique ability to transcend conventional musical boundaries. His reputation also precedes him, with a roster of performances at renowned festivals such as Imagine Fest and Wakaan Fest, ensuring his name reverberates in the festival circuits.

Residing in Denver, Colorado, Ian Oliver transformed into barnacle boi and is an epitome of dedication and nuanced artistry. His musical canvases are painted with emotions and nostalgia, embodying atmospheric trap elements that echo the essence of his journey. With endorsements from esteemed figures like Alice Glass and Finn Wolfhard, barnacle boi’s “Love Hotel” is not just a beginning, but a continuation of a musical saga that promises to captivate and transcend.