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Adam Port & Stryvout Team Up for “Move”



Adam Port, of the Berlin-based Keinemusik collective, joins forces with Los Angeles-based producer Stryv (Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign), and songwriter Malachiii for what becomes their indisputable lead towards song of the summer.

Long before its official release, “Move” showed signs of commanding global dance floors. After only a handful of teaser plays at Keinemusik’s shows in Egypt, Melbourne, Los Angeles and Bali, the ID requests for the track began spiraling out of control. Videos of the track’s live audio rips led it to erupt on social media, garnering over 100 million views across socials. This also came armed with countless bootlegs, leaving the ID to spread like wildfire. Despite creating a wake of fans and selectors alike demanding for the track’s release, the artists have kept the ID under tight wraps—no one has had the track in their possession until the week of the track’s release.

With Port’s signature, hip-hop inflected drumwork and Stryv’s own, natural inclination in melding melody and groove, each producer meets their match. Port and Stryv effortlessly deliver a bonafide summer anthem, bridging their individual strengths in a tasteful fusion of Afrobeats and melodic house, and hand-crafting a vibe that only those who get it can. “Move” is out now on all mayor streaming platforms.


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