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Vanessa Elisha Rolls Out Sultry Pop Tune “Butter” with LOXE




Aussie songstress Vanessa Elisha rolls out the sexy Summer tunes with brand new single “Butter,” released Friday, May 11.


The multifaceted singer-songwriter has established a name for herself within various realms of the industry – from R&B, pop and electronic genres, she finds herself continually exploring and flirting with different styles, tying a diversified portfolio to her name. An Australian native, Elisha has found herself in collaboration with XXYYXX, stwo, Ekali, Falcons, and salute. Earlier this year her single, “Under My Skin” broke wind and took off with support from Elton John, who featured the track on his Beats 1 show Rocket Hour.


“I wanted to make something a little less dark, a little more fun, a little more sexy. I was listening to artists on Soundcloud and came across this UK producer, LOXE and felt like he was the perfect blend of R&B and 80’s pop. I was listening to a lot of Janet Jackson for the first time as an adult. I never realised how provocative and dirty some of her songs were – in the best kind of way. That probably steered me into making ‘Butter.'” – Vanessa Elisha



Elisha’s work in recent years has taken her soaring as she steadily captivates listeners and industry professionals alike. Here we are at the kick off of Summer 2018 with her freshest work, an upbeat tune that’s taken her a slight step out of her norm. “Butter” is yet another of her team ups with U.K. producer LOXE, following “Under My Skin” from earlier in the year. A sultry, provocative, and rich song, it blends the perfect type of energy with a little sexy fun to create something sensually and sonically delightful.

Caroline is an avid electronic music enthusiast. Born and raised in the Boston area, Caroline relocated to New York and then again to Florida to complete her Bachelors Degree in Social Entrepreneurship & Business. First attending Wagner College in Staten Island, she transferred to Rollins College in Orlando. Her passion for EDM and music festivals has taken her up and down the East coast, and inspired her to pursue her dreams within the industry. Electronic music truly has been a blessing in her life, and landed her on a path she is sure is her life calling.

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