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Tryptamine Offers Up ‘Jaguar Priest’ EP



Tryptamine is revealing their newest musical offering. This time the release is taking shape as their fresh 5-track Jaguar Priest EP. 

Opening track “Balam” immediately draws listeners into the journey that is set to take place over the five tracks. Opening the curtains to various instrumentation alongside a mellow, downtempo beat, the shimmering, electronic production flair is flawlessly complemented by the celestial track’s otherworldly ambiance. 

Further into the EP, “Skybands” features a cinematic opening that bleeds into unexpected fusions of noise that leaves a desire for even more audible Tryptamine magic. “Cloud Omen” serves as the EP’s penultimate tune. Consistently uplifting, the sprightly track features trip hop inspiration alongside propelling electronic elements. Closing out Jaguar Priest is none other than “Fortuner.” This one carries itself in a midst of various high and low-pitches voices, leaving listeners pondering their own minds at the sort of hauntingly beautiful music that surrounds them. 

Tryptamine consists of futurebum and Charles F. Moreland III. They’re a burgeoning electro-acoustic, experimental duo who have been dabbling in the ethereally atmospheric realm of dance music for quite some time. They previously release a whopping 11-track album Metaphysical which gave music lovers a taste of their whole stylistic repertoire and creative possibilities. 


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