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Tchami Resurrects Echostage with Otherworldly Performance & Announces Summer Bliss Pt. II Tour



As one of the last few stops on his Summer Bliss Pt. I tour, Tchami absolutely slayed his most recent set at the renowned Echostage nightclub and resurrected everyone in attendance. In perfect alignment with the release of his Year Zero remix package album, the future-house pioneer threw the house down all night long and faithfully took us to church with his phenomenal mixing prowess. The energy in the air during his entire set was unmatched, and we were honored to be in Tchami’s heavenly presence at one of the most highly-acclaimed venues in the nation once again.

As always, Tchami managed to intertwine classics like “Promesses” and “Missing You” with some of his most recent exhilarating numbers like “Born Again” and “Monseigneur” into his set, leaving attendees no choice but to shout out the lyrics at the top of their lungs during each respective banger. Truly feeding into the intensified energy of Echostage’s massive crowd, Tchami didn’t slow down the tempo for even a second throughout the entirety of his performance, and it was a set so invigorating that we were all still entranced by the life-altering sermon we had just indulged in.

Tchami truly revived the DC live music scene with this matchless Echostage performance, demonstrating that house music is in fact a spiritual thing as his popular single “After Life” expresses. The best part of it all was knowing that it wasn’t over just yet, given that this was only the end of the first segment of his grand summer tour. We knew the godly house DJ/producer still had a Summer Bliss Pt. II tour announcement down his sleeve for fans across the nation, and he’s finally unveiled upcoming dates and perspective cities in a recent tweet:

Tchami, thank you for making us feel born again post-lockdown, we can’t wait to catch you somewhere on the East Coast again soon.

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