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Sysdemes Marks Return to Mau5trap with ‘Youth’ EP

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One of the more recent, but quickly rising Mau5trap artists, Sysdemes, has dropped his latest EP, Youth. After creating a successful ID-only mix for Mau5trap’s ‘for lack of a better radio’ series Sysdemes joined forces with the respected label and had his records signed.

The four-track EP keeps a pulsating beat going throughout, with the first track having the characteristic name, “Prime, pulse.” That tune sets the mood for the entire EP, and it leads perfectly into the steady beat overlaid with glitchy vocal chops in, “Blur – Broken Edit.” The mysterious whispers that overtop the steady beat in “The Lies You Tell” make the perfect transition, almost as if it were seamless. The final track, “Only If” carries out the EP and emphasizes the many unique ideas that Sysdemes has demonstrated throughout the EP.

Sysdemes is one talented rising artist to keep an eye out for in the coming months. All though he is newer to the scene, the DJ and producer has crossed unimaginable milestones in less than a year. He has already earned a deal with a major record label, and many are excited to see what he will do next in his career.

Ciara Graves AKA DJ and producer, Graveheart, is a dedicated Writer and Editor for The Nocturnal Times. After recently graduating from Elon University with a BS in Music Production & Recording Arts, she is working towards reaching new heights in her music career. Between her experiences as an artist and working in the industry behind the scenes, she aims to bring her unique creativity into any environment.

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