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subtoll releases stunning new track, “Lavender”




Nicholas Salmas, better known by his artist-name subtoll, is an electronic music producer that defies all that is musically trending, expected, and of the ordinary. The young and talented creator has recently released his stunning new track, “Lavender“. Filled with complex drum work and mellow synths the track proves as another example for the artists music style and production abilities. subtoll has also recently collaborated on hit track “Hold Tight” with the likes of Niiko x Swae and Loüme, racking up over 250,000 plays in a matter of days.

Stream “Lavender” on Spotify.

subtoll is well known for his charismatic personality that is evidently heard throughout his original tracks, genre-bending remixes, and diverse DJ sets. With a slew of unreleased music in his arsenal, 2019 is set to be a massive year for the up-and-coming artist. Salmas’s eccentric production style is sure to enlighten your ears, utilizing experimental production techniques and new-age sounds. However his overall goal is a lot simpler than the complex-minded music producer, as subtoll simply hopes to instill his fans with the same positivity music brings him.

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For more information on Subtoll, please visit:

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