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Somna Releases Long-Awaited Debut Album ‘Beside You’

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Somna AKA Benjamin Leung has finally released his first long-player, Beside You for its big 2020 debut. “Secret,” “Long Way Down” and titular single, “Beside You” with Noira Lee are just a handful of tracks that truly bring this album together.

Fans have patiently waited for this extensive collection from the DJ, producer, and AVA recordings co-owner as it has been long-awaited release. Throughout his career, Somna has proven to be at his best when working collaboratively with many singers and songwriters. Every Beside You collaboration has brought a new voice, message, and unique perspective to his works. As a result, Somna’s debut album is essentially founded on these transformative producer/songwriter relationships.

To complete this album, Ben reached out to many remarkable artists, both previous collaborators and new. Some of these artists have experienced their first introduction into the electronic music scene thanks to Ben, while others are already known names to fans. Regardless, both share an impressive ability to express and vocalize Somna’s true feelings. Within the album’s co-production list, you will see artists such as, HALIENE, Jennifer Rene, and Roxanne Emery, all singers who have a deep foundation in dance music. Some new names that Somna has joined forces with also include Noire Lee and Emoiryah, Sally Oh and BLÜ EYES.

Beside You are two simple words that speak volumes. When I set out to write this, I really wanted to capture the emotions and feelings that encompass trance music to me – the warmth of that beautiful melody at the right time. Transporting us to a moment in our lives where you can remember every little detail, the feelings, location and even the sights and smells. I remember, having moved across the world from Canada to the UK, travelling on the train between Bournemouth and Manchester on my own and feeling very alone. I would listen to a certain Oceanlab song and in that moment, everything would melt away and I felt peaceful. My sincere wish is that this album can be like a light in your darkest times and a constant companion that is always beside you.” -Somna

Although Trance is clearly prominent in Beside You, there are many musical choices that help explore the genre to its fullest potential. Overall, a handful of significant contrasts make it a unique experience for listeners. Tracks like “Rebels,” “White Noise,” the HALIENE collaboration “Secret,” and “Constant Fire” express a large amount of high energy. On the other hand, tracks like “Long Way Down” and “Beside You” allow for a more melancholic feel. At the same time, there’s more pumping tracks like, “More Code,” “Stars Collide” “Dreamcatcher.” Occasionally, the album features more downtempo elements in songs like “More,” “The First Year,” and “Moon & Back.”

Ciara Graves AKA DJ and producer, Graveheart, is a dedicated Writer and Editor for The Nocturnal Times. After recently graduating from Elon University with a BS in Music Production & Recording Arts, she is working towards reaching new heights in her music career. Between her experiences as an artist and working in the industry behind the scenes, she aims to bring her unique creativity into any environment.

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