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Snyder Makes Noise with “Thunda” ft. 51b Prior to Debut Album




Snyder has joined forces with 51b for his latest deep-house production “Thunda” officially out today. This track is the first from his forthcoming debut artist album, which is due later this season. The noteworthy DJ and producer has made noise with his newest original song, and fans can expect another notable addition to Snyder’s impressive and rapidly-growing discography. 

“Thunda” combines elements of deep-house and pop with clean, deep bass plucks and atmospheric pad synths. Snyder and 51b also intertwine aspects of Hip-Hop and R&B, while effortlessly telling a concise story in its just-over 5-minute runtime with really clean melodic hip-hop vocals. This track without a doubt features strong composition, writing, and smoothly combines several genres.

“This record began in 2016, I was experimenting with some new sounds and really created something I was excited about. There is something special about waiting to release a track for so long – this is something I really hope people enjoy and take time to listen to. I think there is a message for everybody in this song [‘Thunda’]. Seemingly about a mystery woman, but it also means so much more than that.” – SNYDER

Snyder takes pride in his versatility and enjoys playing many different genres of electronic music all the way from House to Dubstep – he loves sharing his energy with the crowds he is in front of and always has a wide selection to keep people moving. “Thunda” definitely is a testament to his production skillset and versatility and he has a lot more in store.


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