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Odium Explains “The Weekend” [Interview]




Today we are having a get together with Dutch artist Loek Gosen, better known as Odium. He emerged on the hardcore scene in 2018. This powerhouse act has seen a momentous rise as newcomer in the world of harder styles. After kicking off his career at Hard Island Croatia 2018, he has been rockin’ one gig after another, leading to his first release “Kill” on DJ Mad Dog’s imprint Dogfight Records.

2019 saw him play various festivals worldwide as he carved out a name for himself. 2020 was then the year that Odium became a real force to be reckoned with, as he took the pandemic as best as he could and spent time producing brand-new music. Odium’s newest track “The Weekend” is out now.

Nocturnal Times: Hi Odium, thank you for taking your time for this interview. Congratulations on your newest release. Tell us about “The Weekend” – the track has a very nice vocal. Why this title? And tell us a bit more about this track. How did you come up with it?

Odium: Thank you! Well I made the first version +- 1.5 years ago but I never took the time to finish it. At the moment there are a lot of countries facing a lockdown due to the Covid situation. So I think a lot of people could use some more happiness in their life. The track has some serious happy vibes, so that’s why I decided to finish and release it now. This is my personal way of sharing love and happiness with the world.

Nocturnal Times: So did you work around the vocal with your melody or did you start with the melody then add a vocal? Also, what is the message you desired to put out with this track?

Odium: I started with the melody and the instrumental arrangement. After that I started to look for a fitting vocal. I think it turned out to be a great combination. For me “The Weekend” is a real mood booster. While studying, working out or even if you are just chilling. It fits every moment of your day. These sad times ask for music that brings a high level of happiness right from the moment you press play. The cover art and video clip contain a clear dividing line, showing the current lockdown vibes opposite to the happy weekend vibes and the fond memories you would normally share with friends and family.

Nocturnal Times: Let’s back up a bit. You have played quiet some events, most notably were your shows in the United States and Australia, how did those happen? Are those ones you’re most proud of and do you think it gave your career a tremendous boost? Or does that credit go to another event?

Odium: I was in contact with them for a while but we still had to find some dates that worked for both of us. In the end it worked out really well. Those shows were the first 3 shows of my #WORLDWIDEDOMINATION World Tour. I think all my shows together really boosted my international credibility.

Nocturnal Times: Last year should have been a real stepping stone for you but that sadly fell through. How did you cope with that loss? And how do you think this year will go for you?

Odium: Well, I just made a lot of music and I accepted the loss really quick. I never look back and I just keep pushing the Odium brand.

Nocturnal Times: Explain to us, how you came up with the name Odium?

Odium: My first tracks had a really dark vibe, since Odium means hate it sounded like a perfect fit back then.

Nocturnal Times: If you are not listening to hardcore, what other genres do you prefer listening to and would you consider producing tracks in that genre?

Odium: I am not listening to hardcore that often, mostly trance or EDM. Well at the moment not, but i try to include all those elements i hear on a daily base in my tracks.

Nocturnal Times: What festival did you regret not playing last year despite being booked? And what festival would you really like to play this year?

Odium: The Harmony Of Hardcore Mainstage for sure. Not a festival in particular, but I hope to play at every event that I am being booked on.

Nocturnal Times: Any other news you want to share with us?

Odium: A message to my fans; Thanks for the ongoing support and stay positive! See you soon!


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