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Molly Parton AKA Rez from Timeflies Dishes up “Redneck” Fun in New Song & Music Video




Following his debut release “California” which neared a combined 60 million views on TikTok, Molly Parton is at it again with his brand-new track and music video for “Redneck.”

A charismatic presence through and through, Molly Parton is the groundbreaking country house DJ project from Rob “Rez” Resnick, the producer 1/2 of Timeflies with over half a billion streams to his credit. “Redneck” is the second single off of his upcoming Welcome to Mollyville debut EP.

The song itself features a strong female topline that is laced with crisp percussion, sharp rhythms, and a groovy melody that altogether morph into one soulful production. Molly Parton’s country elements peek through underneath dance-centric tones, boosting the song’s energy to a zesty level. Accompanied by a comic-based music video, the colorful and playful visual is a definite head-turner in the country’s current political climate. The dynamic between the track and video really give an edgy perspective to Molly Parton’s innate creativity and exciting audiovisual potential.

“About six months ago, I went down to Nashville to get inspired and write. We were working nonstop, turning out five or six songs a day… but at the end of it all, there was something different about Redneck. I’d been thinking for a while about how the word ‘redneck’ has always been used, and while to some extent it’s been reclaimed, the word itself has never really been repurposed. To me, it sounded like something a girl might call a hickey – and what a cool idea for a girl to want to give their lover a mark so that other girls would know they’re taken. With all the talent in the room that day, the song basically wrote itself.  Later that night, we took the vocal and put some new, darker chords under it… and a few good bass synths and vocal chops later, we had ‘Redneck.'” – Molly Parton

Rez is one half of American electro-pop duo Timeflies alongside Cal Shapiro. Since 2010, the band has built a diehard following, amassing fan growth online while selling out concert venues across the United States. To date, Timeflies has sold over 150,000 albums and 800,000 singles, combined with 175 million video views and 500 million+ streams worldwide. Rez produced all Timeflies records.

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