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Marco Dalla Villa Draws Inspiration from “Baltasound”




Officially slated for release tomorrow, June 18th, The Nocturnal Times is offering the world exclusive of “Baltasound.” This is the newest record by London-based DJ/Producer Marco Dalla Villa, and once again, this maestro is gracing the airwaves with something incredibly you just can’t miss out on. 

Another testament to the sort of studio magic many producers found themselves making as a result of extended quarantine time, Marco Dalla Villa extended his talents to even more creative and wondrous sounds than we already know him for. This track has neat story behind it – as Marco spent time exploring google maps during down time. After stumbling upon the remote village of Baltasound, which is the northern most inhabited island of the UK, and diving into its landscape virtually, Marco was taken aback by its remoteness and unspoilt atmosphere. The charm and beauty of this island was how “Baltasound” came to life. 

“Baltasound” dives into a wide array of stylistic choices and techniques, all reflective of this sort of majestic land. Opening with a serene bouncing acoustic guitar, the cut leads into a mesmerising vocal riff which is maintained throughout. Soft pan flute-inspired instrumentation and a strong bass and kick take you on a journey through the sweeping landscapes. Clocking it at a crisp two-and-a-half minutes, “Baltasound” is chock full of charisma, coastline vibes, and grandiose poise. 

Fans can now  look forward to a breath-taking live stream in conjunction with the release, which will showcase some of the incredible island in all its glory – and if you’re looking for a new summer tune, this one’s for you. 


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