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Luvanga Mixes Jazz, Funk & Dance into ‘LUV’ EP




Swiss producer and musician Luvanga has revealed his newest soundtrack, this time around taking shape as the LUV EP. Featuring four adventurous songs, the EP crosses over jazz, hip-hop. funk, and dance styles. 

The LUV EP is following Luvanga’s self-produced Mood For Life compilation album in collaboration with eight of the best new artists emerging from Switzerland, including Scor Novy and Beatrix Kiddo. Luvanga held nothing back in producing a finely-tweaked and properly built EP. LUV sees the Geneva-based artist rap for the first time, and this is just one of the many talents Luvanga continues to prove in his growing discography. 

This EP represents many different sides of me, from the back to the roots side of ‘Botomboki’ and the nasty and fun side of ‘Sungamene’ to the dancing side of ‘S.L.A.M’ and the love side of ‘Fais-Moi Confiance’. The songs on the EP were born out of my feelings, that’s how I compose. My feelings are a central element, but the second step is where I find a philosophy for my creation. By listening to the records several times, the meaning of my work appears to me, a theme takes hold of the song” – Luvanga

Including tracks titled “Botomboki,” “Sungamene,” “Fais Moi Confiance” with FMC, and  “Shine Like A Moonlight” with S.L.A.M, all four tracks bind together and project a radiance reflective of Luvanga’s inner light and creativity. Jazzy horns, delicate instrumentals, upbeat melodies, and funky rhythms are only the beginning in describing these explorative tunes. 

Highlighting his multilingual (English, French, Lingala) range, the LUV EP sees Luvanga bringing strong themes of revolt, love, equality, racism as well as celebration to the forefront, throughout the project, which Luvanga describes as “an unclassifiable, elusive work, sparing itself from all barriers in order to cross all borders.” 

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