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Le Youth Releases “Other Voices” Ahead of Upcoming EP




With hit electronic releases like “C O O L,” “Dance with Me,” and his Aquiver EP, Le Youth has deemed himself as a prominent figure in the dance music community. Amassing over a quarter billion streams across major DSPs, the American producer and DJ is determined to further his momentum, this time debuting the first single, “Other Voices” off his upcoming four-track EP OTHER VOICES on Armada Music.

“Other Voices” acts as a melodic introduction to the four-track EP. It beautifully showcases Le Youth’s musical roots in deep melodic techno and progressive house. Instantly drawing listeners into a melodic trance, this single is a masterpiece that audibly blends analog warmth and rhythm.

“Like anyone, I have a lot of voices in my head. There are the typical ones like fear, anxiety, self-doubt and envy, but there’s also a voice that just sings and writes songs when I’m not even thinking about music. That’s what ‘Other Voices’ is about. It’s based around a looping vocal motif I pulled from a writing session I did a few years ago, as I like going through old sessions to find inspiration. All the music was based around that one part.” -Le Youth

While “Other Voices” serves as an amazing instrumental hit for the upcoming EP, Le Youth has built a large following and listener base through his other hit singles. With three other tracks still in the pipeline, fans should expect even more addicting records to come soon. In his career, Le Youth has already worked with icons like Sasha, John Digweed, Eric Prydz, Lane 8, Yotto, and Ben Böhmer, giving a glimpse towards what is ahead.


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