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Kenn Colt Releases “Damn Right” & Jumpstarts ‘Damn Right You Drive Sober! Nationalized Campaign’




Released just earlier this month, Kenn Colt is here with his new track “Damn Right” via his very own Feels Like Home label. Fitting perfectly alongside his feel-good repertoire, “Damn Right” boasts a plethora of positive tones, tropical vibes, and uplifting moments. A free and easy record at heart, “Damn Right” is an easy tune to throw on repeat for this summer season. 

“People are already talking about the ‘Kenn Colt vibe’ when they hear a song passing by or streaming, and that gives me great pleasure. Recognizable elements creep into every track I make that characterize me. Feel free to call it my musical signature (laughs). Since I live in Valencia, I have peace and my creativity and energy arrow got a huge boost. The heat and the sun make me want to make music even more. Now that vaccination is going in the right direction and more will be opened soon, we can gradually look forward to new DJ sets. Yes, I missed the clubs and festivals incredibly. I only have good memories of my journeys to Tomorrowland, the Indian Sunburn Festival and the South Korean Ultra Music Festival. Let’s say there’s a very good chance that I’ll be playing again at Tomorrowland at the end of August (laughs). That would be really cool indeed!” – Kenn Colt

This story holds particular significance as it was chosen by the Belgiun based ‘Groot Gelijk’ project, with which the Flemish Traffic Science Foundation (VSV) and Bonka Circus want to bring awareness to partying young people not to get behind the wheel under the influence. Kenn unexpectedly lost his girlfriend in a tragic traffic accident where the driver was believed to be intoxicated, so everything about this track and its success hits huge meaning for Kenn. 

While the world is extraordinarily happy to see things get back up and running, and many people have returned to some sense of normalcy, the fun and partying that’s come back is sadly often accompanied by alcohol and drugs that lead to tragic outcomes. To convince partying young people not to get behind the wheel under the influence, the VSV and Bonka Circus are launching the new project ‘Groot Gelijk’. ‘You’re damn right that you drive sober’ is communicated in the media, but you will also encounter the slogan on track posters and tank pistols in the near future in Belgium.

Most people around the world recognize Kenn Colt from his incredible singles including “Come Back To Me,” “Feels Like A River,” and “Sun Goes Down.” On the touring front, he’s held down residencies at Club Versuz and Pacha Ibiza On Tour, while also performing across some of the world’s biggest festival stages including Tomorrowland, Ultra South Korea, and TomorrowWorld just to name a few. 


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