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Kaskade Reveals “Let It Out” Feat. Haley



Kaskade has been around for sometime, but he keeps you guessing as displayed in his latest track “Let It Out”


“Let It Out” is Kaskade’s latest release and changes it up almost completely. The man to have thrown some of the most intense sets across the stages of  Ultra, Coachella, and EDC, has teamed up with the angelic Haley to bring you a top relaxing track of the year.


The track starts off with a sorrowful piano and Haley immediately hits you with meaningful words in a hushed and soothing tone. Kaskade and Haley are no strangers as they’ve paired in previous collaborations “Move For Me,” “I Remember,” and “Dynasty.” The latest from the duo, “Let It Out,” hits you directly in the feels before the drop even occurs with stanzas like “I could be an anchor for your soul.” If you’ve ever fallen in love, chances are you can relate to the song from the very beginning.


“I could be an anchor for your soul.”


Kaskade lays out a creamy smooth subtle drop right after Haley cuts out. It encompasses a slow and smooth kick drum combo with an added touch of wavy and warm synths. “Let It Out” brings to face the sometimes scary but fearless approach to falling into a deep love with echoing words like, “Did you feel afraid? Did I say too much? Too quick to say the words.” Kaskade recommended listeners turn the lights off for this one and we agree. Check out the latest track “Let It Out” below:


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