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Kasbo Cry / Dance Mix Vol_01



Kasbo unleashed one of the year’s best chill mixes with this launch of Cry / Dance Mix Vol_01


In a time where “future bass” has meshed with pop and taken over airwaves, it is hard to stay fresh and true to the origins of it all. With a new wave of artists there is hope once again coming back in the indie bass game, and Kasbo is leading the way with his Cry / Dance Mix Vol_01. If you’re a fan of Odesza’s No Sleep mixes, pre-2014 future bass, or looking for a chilled out hour of feel good music you must give Kasbo’s new show a chance.


Kasbo hits the nail on the head playing tracks from big name artists such as the “Memories You May Call” remix by Petit Biscuit, the Citylights cover to Porter’s “Flicker,” and sliding some Flume in there for good measure. He also puts in some original Kasbo work like his “Monument” remix, closes the mix with his breakthrough remix to Big G’s “Little Things,” and some unreleased material IDs scattered in the entire show. This mix will instantly put you in a stage of euphoria as Kasbo’s selections will have you feeling slight nostalgia in a trip of a premier radio show.



Kris is the Editor-at-Large at The Nocturnal Times. Music has always been his life, and his first real exposure to dance music was the debut Justice CD “Cross” where he caught hell for listening to boop bop music. From there he was entrapped and knew he wanted to support this scene in any way he could. Currently a big future bass fiend but love some downtempo, prog, hearty house, pretty much anything. Ask and you probably won’t receive…haha just kidding e-mail me at if you wanna say what up or talk all things tunes!

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