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Jebroer Reveals English Part of ‘Six’ Album Trilogy



Dutch DJ/Producer Jebroer is releasing a very special offering today. Today marks the reveal of the English part of his latest album trilogy Six with lead single “Love You.” This is following the Dutch and German volumes, and now the international album package is completed. 

Jebroer’s talents extend beyond DJing and Producing. He is also a popular MC and rapper, and his wide array of style techniques and sound design makes him a constant delight in the music scene. Someone who can consistently surprise and please listeners with a wonderful blend of all sorts of musical energy. 

This album features previously released singles including “Robbery” alongside Dr. Phunk and Lil Texas, “The Master” with Austrian duo Harris & Ford, and “Child of The Devil” with Dr. Phunk and Australian champion Timmy Trumpet. Collectively, these have already amassed over 40 million streams. Now, with the full album release, these numbers are set to reap even higher success. Additionally, “Love You” is making an incredibly unique mark on the album as a whole with its brand-new music video. 

Jebroer’s album ZesSechs Six consists of Dutch, German and English volumes released internationally. Every album is part of Jebroer’s aim to open his music to fans worldwide. So far, this is all going very well for Jebroer. The track “Mutter” from the German album Sechs has been listened to over 12 million times and entered the Beatport Hard Dance list on #1.


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