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Jebroer Releases Brand New Single “No More” Produced by Brennan Heart



Officially out today, Dutch artist Jebroer is releasing his brand-new single “No More” produced by Brennan Heart. This record delivers a message of remaining the best person you can be no matter what others say. “No More” also comes alongside its very own Lego music video just for an additional boost of flavor. 

For anyone aware of what this grandiose duo may put together, you’re likely hitting the nail on the head. Brennan Heart productions are known to be some of the most floor-stomping, burning tracks, and this one is no exception. “No More” features a monstrous lead vocal that builds up the thrills throughout its three minute duration. Brennan Heart then swoops in with his classic intense energy that intertwines perfectly with Jebroer’s magnificent sound styles. This is yet another smash to add to Jebroer’s catalogue and we can only expect to hear “No More” bounced around in festival circuits worldwide for the rest of this year. 

“This is for all people who follow their own path and take matters into their own hands. No one can stop us, no matter how much they would like to.” – Jebroer.

Jebroer is a multi-platinum selling artist who has found massive success in not only his homeland of The Netherlands, but Belgium and Germany as well. His tracks are highly favored by Eastern neighbors but also conquer Austria and Switzerland. Jebroer sets foot on the ground with his English-speaking audience too, with his latest international trilogy album Zes Sechs Six. 


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