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Hydrah Reveals Latest Music as ‘Lucid’ EP




Out now via AWEN Records, classically trained artists Hydrah has released his newest art form. Taking shape as the Lucid EP, this soundtrack features three finely-tweaked pieces by Hydrah. 

Ranging in soundscapes from glowing melodies, to crisp techno, to deeper rhythms and house styles, Lucid includes “Divine,” “Lucid,” and “Solitude.” The EP starts out as “Divine” sets the tone in an elegant manner. Title track “Lucid” hits the ground running in an upbeat fashion, whilst showcasing the innate talent Hydrah projects in producing nothing but quality music. Lastly, she shows off her very own alluring vocals in “Solitude.” The build up to this song is perfectly executed, as she beautifully lays out numerous creative visions for the EP. 

Hydrah has taken her talents from growing up in Minnesota, to living in Los Angeles, where she has now crossed over into the club and festival scene. A producer, composer, and singer, Hydrah’s influences include synthesized orchestral-inspired melodies atop driving basslines. Additionally, her vocals continue to be a center stage presence. From playing some of the U.S’s biggest festivals like Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland and Nocturnal Wonderland, Hydrah’s live performance style is not one to miss. Until live sets can return, listeners can stay happily fulfilled with the Lucid EP. 

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