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Gromo & HUSH Come Together Again in “Nuke” Single




Artists Gromo and HUSH have come together again on a new number “Nuke.” This is following their previous collaboration “Find Me (Marco Polo) and it’s an exciting feeling to have the two back in the studio together. 

Brae Gromek AKA Gromo, a New York City college student wakes up every day knowing exactly what he wants to do: write music. With his extreme dedication to his craft and talent as a songwriter, producer, and DJ, he has broken into the NYC music scene. He is bringing his music to global audiences, with appearances at Ultra Music Festival in Miami (the youngest DJ to ever spin the festival at 16), Europe, Japan, and Bali. His music continues to evolve with and define the ever-evolving dance music scene.

“It was important for me with “Nuke” to take the listener somewhere. My favorite albums by artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Mobb Deep, and Dr. Dre all take the listener on a journey into their world. The music reflects their realties. With “Nuke”, I want to take you into the world of mind and imagination of Gromo. When I first created the song, the idea was to cross pollinate the energy of EDM with the rawness and gritt of Hip-Hop.” – Gromo

Eloquently staged to induce the club as much as it does different people groups, “Nuke’s” electronic X Hip-Hop crossover foundation within unequivocally plays to the benefit of the single. Its gritty beats, heavy synths, and trap-esque influence fuse into each other flawlessly. “Nuke” is undeniably a positive sign of what’s to come from Gromo, and his growing fanbase can already count on him to deliver intricate, energizing, and magnetic songs for many years to come.

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