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GRAVEDGR & YehMe2 Collaborate on “BEAM”



The mysterious hooded mortician that goes by the name of GRAVEDGR is back. For this newest dirty trap cut he teamed up with none other then Chicago artist Yehme2. Right after his massive 14-track LP “6 FEET UNDER” he drops some new heat on us titled “BEAM.”

“BEAM” is everything we expect from these to two masterminds. Opening with an assortment of ominous and deep atmospherics sounds, they are giving you the feeling that you are been laughed at from beyond the grave. Then the accompanied big brass starts kicking off and hits you in the face. Above all the high-energy buildup underlined by a bright trap snare is truly a mark on their musical insanity. Even more the abrupt cut out at the drop just to come back with a massive pitch-bending lead slowly is one of the best things about this track.

In conclusion we are sad the there are hardly any live events to enjoy this cacophony of destruction. After all with two gems like these teaming up, there is no way this isn’t a certified banger. “BEAM” is out now on Thrive Records.


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