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Ariana and the Rose Dives Into Her Two-Part ‘Constellations’ EP [Interview]




NYC electro-pop artist Ariana and the Rose recently dropped the first phase of her two-part Constellations EP following the release of a string of hit singles including “Night Owl” and “Lonely Star” over the past year.

Already receiving recognition for being a pop-star on the rise, her singles have been praised by the likes of Billboard and Earmilk. On top of her successful music career, she has curated a successful party in NYC nightlife known as Light + Sound which took Bushwick over last month.

The Constellations EP comes with four tracks that include her unique and dreamy synths alongside her nostalgic vocals. Not only is this new EP inclusive of catchy dance tunes for listeners, but also strong themes of body positivity and social justice. The release includes two fan favorites “You Were Never My Boyfriend” and the heartfelt “True Love” as well as an unexpected take on *NYSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye.”

We had the opportunity of talking to Ariana about her inspirations for this electrifying EP and what motivated her to get into music. With Part Two coming in early 2020, we are excited to see the path that this EP takes her on. It is clear that her success in the music industry has only just begun.

Read the Nocturnal Times Exclusive Interview Below:

Nocturnal Times: How long have you been creating music? What turned you down this path in the first place?

Ariana: It feels like a million years! In actuality, it’s been about 4-5 years. I started as a songwriter writing for other people and slowly started to write for myself. I realized that I wanted to start my own project and created Ariana and the Rose. 

Nocturnal Times: Talk to us about the inspiration behind your new album? 

Ariana: This group of songs is definitely about empowering yourself and standing up for yourself in the context of relationships. I wanted the lyrics on these songs to really reflect the way I speak, so it could feel as vulnerable and relatable as possible. My hope is that people get to know me better with this music. 

Nocturnal Times: How did you curate the idea for your Light + Space parties?

Ariana: Light + Space is the melding of a lot of inspirations coming together at once. It’s part club scene from the late 70s/early 80s, part immersive theater, a concert, all wrapped inside of a futuristic themed glitter party. I was also seeing a lot of immersive performances at the time in both London and New York and was so inspired by how hungry audiences were to be challenged and pushed by their live entertainment. So the show was born out of wishing something like that existed in the music space but being unable to find it, so I made it myself! 

Nocturnal Times: Who might you name as a role model? Either inside or outside the music realm. 

Ariana: I’m inspired by women who create their own paths and are in control of their business and world. There are so many amazing examples of that, Shonda Rhimes, Beyoncé, Reese Witherspoon, Janelle Monae. The main person who taught me that from a young age is my mother. She showed me that create the world you dream of and should never apologize for being driven and knowing what you want. 

Nocturnal Times: What is the most important message you want your listeners to gain through your music?

Ariana: I want my music to empower whoever listens to it. I’ve always wanted to create music that gives people permission to feel as uninhibited as possible. My hope is that the music allows people to feel free and confident and seen. 

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