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David Guetta & MORTEN Rework “Make It To Heaven” ft. RAYE



As if the first version wasn’t incredible enough, electronic guru David Guetta returns with a phenomenal rework of the fan-favorite track “Make It To Heaven.” With the initial release towering over 12 million streams, 1.6 million views and over 9,000 radio plays, this radio friendly edit is sure to surpass just as much listening traffic throughout the globe.

While the original version of “Make It To Heaven” is a track essential to dance floors and major night clubs around the world, this fresh and downtempo rework is sure to remain on replay across all major music streaming platforms. The rework is just another stepping stone in Guetta’s fundamental music career, showcasing the highly-respected evolution of his sound over time. Alongside Danish producer MORTEN, the revamped track still features RAYE’s breathtaking vocals and it’s more tranquil rhythm outlines her already pristine voice even further. 

“We started this record from a huge club beat but then the song is so good that I wanted to make a version focusing more on the vocals and make it more for streaming. Something you can listen to at home. Not just for the DJ’s.” – David Guetta.

David Guetta and MORTEN have proven to be quite compatible in the studio with the first release of “Make It To Heaven” and this sensational rework of the track is absolutely timeless. With the hopes of gaining the attention of music lovers across all spectrums, David Guetta proves his diverse music production abilities and his desire to appeal to an expansive worldwide audience. If you haven’t yet, tune in to the stunning edit of “Make It To Heaven,” out now on your favorite music streaming platforms.

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