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Circoloco Brought a Proper Halloween Weekend to New York



The celebrated event curators Circoloco just wrapped up it’s second bidding on throwing down the East Coast’s best holiday event in Circoloco Halloween.


Circoloco took over the city for this year’s Halloween weekend long bash from October 27- 28. With its second year nestling in the borough of Brooklyn, Circoloco wanted to share its world renown name with the residents of New York and beyond. After a successful first year party in 2016, the team from Spain wanted to make a second appearance in North America’s biggest platform for dance music. Riding off the success of the premier year in 2016, they extended the event to cover your whole weekend’s plans. Depot 52 in Brooklyn was packed with some of the darkest and deepest beats alongside a devoted fan base only Circoloco can combine.


The weekend was in festive form with people dressed in all sorts of authentic but eccentric costume attire. You saw everything from zombies to unicorns to gangs of wicked Circoloco clowns themselves spread across the Brooklyn warehouse. A techno rendition of the original Halloween movie theme song even made a feature in the weekend long bash. The Martinez brothers were one of the sets to see in the City on Friday the 27th. They had the crowd looking around and saying “Wait a minute,” with the grooving track by Jesse Perez “Fake.” They also threw a bit of a throwback jam in their set with the Onionz and Master D “Ceilia’s Groove.”



Matthias Tanzmann warmed up the last night of Circoloco Halloween 2017 by playing originals like “Elrow.” Wrapping up his set at the time most amateur party dwellers were hitting the sheets. Seth Troxler took to the decks around 2:30AM and carried the Halloween party to the early Sunday morning. The party was going off with tracks like the Andrea Oliva Remix to Thick Dick’s “Welcome to The Jungle,” building up with an abundance of red lazers in tow, it created one of the weekend’s most memorable moments. Rumors had it that socialite Paris Hilton was in attendance for this apparent spot to be.


With the takeover of New York City and a more than extravagant second year of Circoloco, one can only hope they make the three-peat for the 2018 celebration of Halloween. Keep your eyes peeled as there are plenty more opportunities for a Circoloco showing in New York City between now and then. For more local fun you can attend future Teksupport events in the Brooklyn area.



Kris is the Editor-at-Large at The Nocturnal Times. Music has always been his life, and his first real exposure to dance music was the debut Justice CD “Cross” where he caught hell for listening to boop bop music. From there he was entrapped and knew he wanted to support this scene in any way he could. Currently a big future bass fiend but love some downtempo, prog, hearty house, pretty much anything. Ask and you probably won’t receive…haha just kidding e-mail me at if you wanna say what up or talk all things tunes!

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