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Breakout Artist Interview Q&A: Flash 89



Flash 89 fills The Nocturnal Times in with what inspired his explosive “Generate” via White Label. Seeking influence from acts like Rudimental and Groove Armada, Flash 89 has one main mission: get people moving.



The Nocturnal Times: How and when did you first begin exploring dance music? Would you say your upbringing influence your decision to pursue a career in music?
Flash 89: 
Like many I really discovered and appreciated dance music properly in my late teens; a friend and I decided to go to Parklife Festival in 2008 and that was my turning point. I first became obsessed with acts like switch, fake blood and Plump DJs having watched them play to crowds and seeing the effect and feeling dance music could create. From there, I wanted to do more and progressed into DJing where not long after I wanted to make my own records! My passion for pursuing dance music follows my grandma’s lead though. Working for EMI records in her heyday, she’s always pushed me to chase the dream in music.



The Nocturnal Times: What’s the significance behind your name, Flash 89?
Flash 89: I’m a geek at heart, Flash was inspired by my love for comics but I also love the retro feel it gives off.



The Nocturnal Times: You’ve spent the last nine months in the studio. What is a day in the studio like for you?
Flash 89: It’s an enjoyable place. I treat it like a 9 – 5 but you can go at your own pace and you have the creativity to make what you want. I’ll have breakfast, make a strong coffee and then write through to lunch. Take a break and then write something different in the afternoon! I’ll repeat the process until I feel I have something I want to finish.



The Nocturnal Times: Do you have any surprising studio techniques or routines?
Flash 89: 
My studio techniques these days are pretty basic, I use a lot of distortion, EQ, Reverb and light compression. I just play with things and experiment until they sound good. My biggest routine would have to be finishing off with the car test. If it sounds good in the car, it’ll sound good in the club.


The Nocturnal Times: You just released your new single “Generate” via White Label. What was the inspiration behind this production and how has it been received thus far?
Flash 89: 
The Flash project is all about dance floor music, stuff to get people moving. I wanted my first release to reflect that and I think “Generate” is a great example of who I am sonically. Inspiration came from listening to a melting pot of different artists across various styles, and my own interpretation and thought processes around club music. The track has had support and positive vibes from a bunch of people I really admire including Groove Armada, Rudimental and which is amazing.


The Nocturnal Times: What’s to come for Flash 89? What’s something dance music fans should know about you?
Flash 89:
 2018 will be filled with plenty of Flash originals and remixes, I have so much music ready to go that I am super excited to share.


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