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Boulevarde Creates Emotional Journey From “Lover”




Sydney based electronic duo Boulevarde, known for creating energetic future bass bangers, switches things up a bit with their latest release, “Lover.” The song showcases the band’s more emotional side. Members Jordan Leonard and Edgar Lattouf describe the song as an emotional journey.

Jordan and Edgar have been writing music since 2014, teaming up with Aussie and international topliners to create their own take on the indie, electro-pop world. Take that, alongside song-writing sensibilities well beyond their years, combine it with their truly polished production and you’ve got a recipe for something special.

The unlikely Western Sydney based duo share a passion for contemporary pop production, sound design and visuals. This drive led to their first two releases to be signed to Central Station and Crookwell Records both accompanied by self-created, emotive music video. 

To achieve the emotionally vulnerable sound of “Lover,” the pair of producers insisted the track of singer/songwriter James Seymour (also known as FEELDS). He added a vocal top line filled with raw, unfiltered emotion. Contrasting their earlier single “Plans” featuring Aeora, and I Needed You” featuring Nick de la Hoyde, “Lover” has a gentler feel. FEELDS incredible vocal, combined with Boulevarde’s expressive production, makes for a truly beautiful track.


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