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AVIAN GRAYS Drops Uplifting New Single “All Over”

Photos Courtesy Of AVIAN GRAYS Facebook



AVIAN GRAYS the talented producer group, has released a sonic masterpiece “All Over” on Armada Music. The tune emits pure joy and happy energy. It is filled to the brim with a plethora of addictive vocals, chops, uplifting synths, and a wide range of other elements that beautifully complement each other throughout the track.

The tune adds towards the group’s impressive discography, while also adding to the expectancy of what is to come in the future. Although their identity has remained mysterious, AVIAN GRAYS is actually one of the freshest acts to watch, as one of the producers has previously worked on a slew of smash records with Dash Berlin and Alice Deejay. Not to mention their first single, “Something Real,” was a massive hit collaboration with Armin van Buuren and Jordan Shaw.

The powerhouse production team will continue collaborating and producing hits with iconic acts in the scene. It is only a mater of time until their massive sonic presence becomes infectious throughout playlists, festival sets, and more.


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