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Alessandro Costa Delights Listeners in ‘Be Free’ EP




Alessandro Costa has rolled out a recent musical piece that continues to catch attention and turn heads at a remarkable pace. His Be Free EP features four tracks including “Just Be Free,” “this Is How I Live,” “Dark Master,” and “Boh Boop.”

Costa quickly ropes listeners in with the EP’s intro track “Just Be Free.” An immediate groove sets in with crisp house tones setting the mood for the records ahead. Soft and delicate vocals seep into the track then build up alongside its incredible underlying rhythms. The song then drops into a deeper melodic heaven that you can’t help but dance to. 

From there, the three songs that follow not only keep up with this dance-centric pace, but effortlessly take it steps ahead. “This Is How We Live” bumps up the EPs energy with flawless electricity. Seducing listeners with its sexy female lead vocal, this is a perfect tune to throw on at just about any moment. “Dark Master” and “Boh Boop” fill the latter half of the EP, each boasting further dark and stormy house elements. 

The solo DJ/producer has built his career on DJ residencies, being invited back and around the world for nearly 2 decades and playing legendary party events (aka ‘MTV Official Party 2009’, Color Run Tours in 2015, 2016 and 2017) all along the way. Gaining the support of Don Diablo, Sam Feldt, Kryder, and many through his originals and remixes, all momentum is centering in Be Free and more diverse EPs to come.

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